Monday, April 19, 2010

April Showers bring ... August Weddings

This past Saturday was my sister's wedding shower.

We picked her up at the airport on Thursday night and spent some quality time with her and the kids. Which included a "girls only" dinner and then story time!

Friday was a blur of wedding related errands. After a 6 am trip to the gym (what were we thinking?!?!) we went with our Mom to meet the florist, pick up wedding items, have a quick lunch, then Mom and my sister went to finalize the invitations and limo. I took a nap.

Saturday was a fantastic day of family and friends.


The Bridal party (minus one very busy actress).

Gorgeous centerpieces.

Of course it went way too fast.

We spent some time with her friends on Saturday night, drinking homemade wine, laughing as she re-lived her "Pittsburgh Days". Let's just say my stories are VERY boring in comparison!

Sunday she was back on a plane for LA.

Sometimes it's hard to live so far away from family. We all miss her and she misses us but after the winter we had here I don't blame her one bit for living at the beach! I will get to visit her in June and then the wedding will be here before we know it!

Until then, I will continue to keep up my "Matron of Honor" duties and blog about our wedding escapades.

And yes, I will get another video of the kids on here so my sister and her fiance will be in the loop. I promise!

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Shelly said...

How exciting! I didn't know your sister was an actress?! Family weddings are always so much fun!! :-)