Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Day

We are going to have a good day!

Even though we missed the bus this morning ... we still made it for the drop off so Baby Girl can have her first ever after school play date today.

Even though I am still up to my eyeballs in laundry ... no one got sick last night so I am almost done washing germy clothes!

Even though our kitchen sink leaked into our basement last night ... it didn't do any damage and is almost dried out.

Even after a surprise *urp* from Baby Boy in the middle of the night Wednesday ... he got a clean bill of health at his 18 month check up yesterday.

He is 23 pounds 7 ounces and 33 inches tall. 20% for weight, 70% for height. He already weighs more than half of his sister's weight (despite the nearly 6 years between them!). Of course, she only weighed 19 pounds at her 18 month check up.

I also have been informed by *somebody* that I blog a lot about Baby Boy, but not so much about Baby Girl. I am working on a post all about look for that soon!

Ok! Off to finish the rest of my GOOD DAY!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Family Fun and Not So Fun

It all started out so well.

Friday night was the first Family Fun Night at Baby Girl's school.

We played games and bounced on the inflatables and had a great time.

Then we hit our favorite Mexican restaurant, where Baby Boy got his first lollipop.

He was in heaven.

Saturday, Dr. Dad's parents came over. Baby Girl was in the mood to bake, and Grandma was happy to oblige!

They made a Daisy Cake, which Baby Girl decorated herself (sprinkles beware...this girl is very generous with the sprinkles).


The sickness.

I think there is a rule out there that people should not ignore. Some call it Murphy's Law. Some call it Irony. I call it the if-you-say-something-out-loud-or-put-it-in-writing-the-exact-opposite-will-happen rule.

Blog about your kid sleeping through the night? Next night he will be up every two hours. Tell someone your kids have never thrown up?'ll happen. Just for fun, it will happen to everyone in your house!

It's a terrible rule. I need to remember it.

Thankfully we all seem to be on the mend.

Oh geez, there I go again! What I meant to say is we are all still sick!

Will I never learn?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

18 Months

A year and a half.

With your sister, I could not WAIT for her to get older. Every passing month was another hurdle cleared. Another indication that she was healthy, that her early birth was not going to hold her back in any way.

With you, Baby Boy, I am silently mourning each passing month. You are changing too fast, getting too big, barreling toward toddler land. Of course I love all the milestones you are conquering, the ways you are just like your big sister, and the many, many ways you are different.

The climbing and running and yelling and grabbing! The singing (Dinkle Dinkle diddle Dar) and rambling gibberish and the giggling!

But, oh, T*W*O is coming upon us. Promise me you won't stop snuggling and giving smooches and being Mommy's Baby. At least for a little while...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Somebody Call Martha

So here's what happens when there is no school, it is too cold to go outside, and you want to pretend you don't have any real work to do.

You go a little crazy with Bisquick and food coloring.

Turning this...

Into these...

Amazing Technicolor Pancakes!

I even impressed Baby Girl.

So, when do I get my Domestic Diva crown?

What's that? When I finish all the laundry I put off while making these? Oh.

Never mind.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Memories

Monday hit like a ton of bricks. I realized I had been coasting through the month of December, just doing the bare minimum on cleaning/laundry/bills.

Like most years, I am inside, staring down a cold and snowy January, determined to get my act together.

So, while I dig out from under my lazy Christmas (and dig out from the snow!), here are a few highlights from Christmas 2009.

This is Christmas Eve, right before Mass. For the THIRD year in a row, we have been stuck up in the "loft" of the church. It is actually where they intended a choir to sit, but you can't see anything in the actual church from there. It's a little bit like listening to church on a radio...all talk no action, which also results in some very restless children. We have decided we will need to camp out the night before to actually get seats next year.

Baby Boy enjoyed his trucks and cars. Santa also brought him an Elmo Microwave Oven and he thinks that is pretty awesome. Thankfully it has an off switch so our ears get a break.

Somebody was just a wee bit excited to unwrap the Wii she has been wanting for 3 years.

This scooter will either provide endless hours of fun...or result in their first power struggle.

Look! Our house is all pretty. Of course, it still looks like this. Nobody is taking down decorations in this kind of weather!

This was a great Christmas in many ways. I think we are all dealing with a little post-holiday let down, but we have awesome memories to carry us through!