Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Poem

Spooky lights and spooky sounds
Web-caked walls are all around
Spiders scrambling everywhere
The wind whistles in the air.

Werewolves, ghosts and little black cats
Screeching bats and witchy hats
Twigs snap as clouds cover the moon
Barking dogs and eerie tunes.

Jack o' lanterns light the street
Ring the doorbell, 1, 2, 3!
The sweetest sound on Halloween
Is children saying, "Trick or Treat!"

MRL Age 10

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sometimes Your Mom Has to Remind You to Blog

Summer is over and we are back in the busy season of schedules and school. Sometimes I forget anyone else might read this blog and then my Mom will let me know she is expecting a new post and I realize I haven't written anything since July. Such is life.
Anyway. A few pictures for you, my faithful readers (all 2 of you).
We ended the Summer by surprising the kids when my Sister and her Husband (who have not seen the kiddos since last October's trip to Disney) came for a visit from California. The Girl was over the moon to say the least. She and my Sister are two of a kind. We miss them already.
Here is "Miss Thing" prepping for her future fame by borrowing her Aunt's shades and shoes. Should I be worried?
And of course, First day of Fourth Grade. How did that happen? I am not even sure how I am going to handle her turning 10 in a few short weeks.
The Boy has been busy covering our driveway, sidewalks, front porch and inside our garage with his "people." This is a drawing of him and his Sister. Notice she has ponytails...none of the people usually have arms. He says it's because their hands are in their pockets. Genius.
He's also been busy saving the world. Not sure from what...but he does enjoy dressing up and jumping off of things. I still think he makes a better "Danger Boy" than a "Superman."
And here it is. First day of Preschool. Actually, they moved him to Pre-K. Theoretically he could go to Kindergarten next fall. I can't even talk about that. But, my gosh, he LOVES school. It makes us so happy to see how much he enjoys learning and playing at his school.

The Dog is not sure how she feels about all this change. The first few days she was pretty mopey.
Now The Dog and The Cat are in a pretty good routine. Synchronized napping.

That's it for now. Expect a hugely sappy post coming up when The Girl turns 10.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Here's My Number, So Call Me Lazy

This video is for my Sister...The Boy at his finest...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Going for Broke

We can stop this little trend any time now...
 May of 2006 (age 3 and a half)
 August 2008 (age 5 and a half)
June 2012 (age 9 and a half)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

This morning I was given the gift of this poem, written by my daughter, age 9:
My Mother

My mother is like many special things,
Like butterfly kisses and ladybug wings,
Spirally seashells and birdsongs galore
None of these things you can buy at the store.

Combine all these treasures for a gift like no other
And place on the head as a crown
For my mother

Friday, May 11, 2012

Some Pictures for the Ones I Love

When I stated blogging I thought I would just keep people I didn't see on a regular basis updated on the changes in the kiddos' lives. The Boy was still a baby and The Girl was just starting Kindergarten. Now I am the mother of a VERY ACTIVE 3 year old and a near graduate of Third Grade.

I don't have a lot to say on a daily basis about this because I guess we are just busy living our lives and trying to stay afloat.

However, I also realize that there are those who are near and dear in heart but faaaaar away mile wise who don't get to see this daily fun.

SO here are some pictures for them. We love you!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break 2012 Day One

I have been educated in the way of the agenda. Apparently, things go better when you plan ahead (who knew?!). I had big plans for The Girl and her Spring Break. But thanks to stupid gas prices and money in general, we opted for a "Staycation." This is just a fancy way of saying "we are finding cheap stuff to do around here."

However, I wasn't leaving this to endless questions of "what are we doing today, this week, this hour" so I posted a list of what we were going to do this week and so far, so good.

Day one was a visit to the Zoo. Thankfully free thanks to our Zoo Membership. Oh, except for the snacks I got talked into since they were STARVING after walking SO FAR (emphasis theirs, not mine).

I'll keep you posted on the rest of our week! Of course today The Boy has been up since 7 am so let's all pray for the addition of NAP to the agenda today...

Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's like a light bulb of potty understanding came on in his little three year old head.

After wondering if he would ever try...and spending several days running around naked (him, not us) he marched himself right in the bathroom and went potty.

Who knew?

Friday, January 27, 2012


When the Girl has a day off of school...we hit the lanes.
The Boy did great, the Girl did even better.
All I can say is I am thankful for bumpers...gutter balls would have been a disaster.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Old and New

Yes, I realize Christmas was a month ago (so, hey! Only 11 more months 'til next Christmas! Get your shopping on!).

Here's a little visual recap (just 'cause).

Someone really likes Angry Birds...note to stock in whoever makes that game...

This one was all about the dolphins.

We spent time with Nonna and Papa...and were really missing my Sister and Brother in law. Stupid airline prices.

Of course we hit the annual Christmas Day Cousin Extravaganza...

Then I did something crazy. I decided to do a 5K. I wanted to kick off 2012 with a purpose. I need to get serious about my life and quit acting like I am waiting for the grown-ups to show up and take care of everything. It's kind of sobering to realize I AM the grown-up.

I wasn't last place...but I will take my finish as a motivation to keep going and getting better.

Of course, the only one who stayed up the whole night was the girl. She had to wake me up so we could watch the ball drop.

So that's about it. January has been pretty quiet here.

I need to get back to blogging, there are things I do not want to forget. This year will be a lot of big changes...The girl will hit double digits, Dr. Dad may or may not be entering a new decade (no party, I got it dear) and we WILL get that little boy potty trained because Mama needs him to go to preschool.

It was a great year, and I am hoping for 2012 to be even better.