Monday, November 29, 2010

Where Ya Been?

Well hello there.

Where have we been for this past month? Busy Busy Busy. Not a place, I know, but November is just about gone and I thought I should offer up proof that we've been doing things.

First is was the annual Cinderella ball for Baby Girl. Bonus for us, she got to wear her beautiful flower girl dress again!

Then it was Dr. Dad's birthday. Celebrated with good.

Then it was general sickness...ear infections, pink eye, coughing, etc. Didn't think you would want pictures of that. You can thank me later.

We went to Breakfast with Santa and the Tree Festival. Baby Boy does not share his sister's previous fear of the Man in Red. It was good all around fun.

Finally, it was our annual Thanksgiving weekend extravaganza!

Friday night dinner at Luigi's...

(We all love Luigi's)

...followed by a trip to the Peanut Shoppe...

...ending in the freezing cold watching fireworks downtown.

Let's hope December offers up a little more time for updating you on our never ending exciting life...oh, who am I kidding...let the Christmas Madness begin!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pirate, Farmer Girl, Ladybug, Cinderella, Dancing Cow

Some people need costume options...

...and some people are content to just be the cow.

Really, really, content to be the cow.