Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Family Fun and Not So Fun

It all started out so well.

Friday night was the first Family Fun Night at Baby Girl's school.

We played games and bounced on the inflatables and had a great time.

Then we hit our favorite Mexican restaurant, where Baby Boy got his first lollipop.

He was in heaven.

Saturday, Dr. Dad's parents came over. Baby Girl was in the mood to bake, and Grandma was happy to oblige!

They made a Daisy Cake, which Baby Girl decorated herself (sprinkles beware...this girl is very generous with the sprinkles).


The sickness.

I think there is a rule out there that people should not ignore. Some call it Murphy's Law. Some call it Irony. I call it the if-you-say-something-out-loud-or-put-it-in-writing-the-exact-opposite-will-happen rule.

Blog about your kid sleeping through the night? Next night he will be up every two hours. Tell someone your kids have never thrown up? Yep...it'll happen. Just for fun, it will happen to everyone in your house!

It's a terrible rule. I need to remember it.

Thankfully we all seem to be on the mend.

Oh geez, there I go again! What I meant to say is we are all still sick!

Will I never learn?

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Shelly said...

That's an impressive cake! sickness? Yikes!!! Hope you all are better now...