Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Memories

Monday hit like a ton of bricks. I realized I had been coasting through the month of December, just doing the bare minimum on cleaning/laundry/bills.

Like most years, I am inside, staring down a cold and snowy January, determined to get my act together.

So, while I dig out from under my lazy Christmas (and dig out from the snow!), here are a few highlights from Christmas 2009.

This is Christmas Eve, right before Mass. For the THIRD year in a row, we have been stuck up in the "loft" of the church. It is actually where they intended a choir to sit, but you can't see anything in the actual church from there. It's a little bit like listening to church on a radio...all talk no action, which also results in some very restless children. We have decided we will need to camp out the night before to actually get seats next year.

Baby Boy enjoyed his trucks and cars. Santa also brought him an Elmo Microwave Oven and he thinks that is pretty awesome. Thankfully it has an off switch so our ears get a break.

Somebody was just a wee bit excited to unwrap the Wii she has been wanting for 3 years.

This scooter will either provide endless hours of fun...or result in their first power struggle.

Look! Our house is all pretty. Of course, it still looks like this. Nobody is taking down decorations in this kind of weather!

This was a great Christmas in many ways. I think we are all dealing with a little post-holiday let down, but we have awesome memories to carry us through!

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