Thursday, January 21, 2010

18 Months

A year and a half.

With your sister, I could not WAIT for her to get older. Every passing month was another hurdle cleared. Another indication that she was healthy, that her early birth was not going to hold her back in any way.

With you, Baby Boy, I am silently mourning each passing month. You are changing too fast, getting too big, barreling toward toddler land. Of course I love all the milestones you are conquering, the ways you are just like your big sister, and the many, many ways you are different.

The climbing and running and yelling and grabbing! The singing (Dinkle Dinkle diddle Dar) and rambling gibberish and the giggling!

But, oh, T*W*O is coming upon us. Promise me you won't stop snuggling and giving smooches and being Mommy's Baby. At least for a little while...

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