Monday, December 28, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

I am watching the snow fly, my daughter crafting through her Christmas gifts, my son flitting from one toy to the next. Christmas Day has come and gone, and it was a wonderful day. Hectic and too fast, but good.

We have been spending Christmas Eve at my parents' house for, well, most of our married life. First because we lived several hours away and were both working, and it was just easier to see everyone if we came back for Christmas. Next, because we had Baby Girl and my sister moved away and it was one of the few times we could all visit together. Once we moved closer, we just kept staying there, getting up Christmas morning, opening gifts with my family, driving to our house, quickly opening gifts there, and then driving to Dr. Dad's parents' house to do it all over again.

This year we actually gave Baby Girl the choice to change things, but she is happy with our tradition, and so we were all over the place just like always. I have to admit that while I love it, it is exhausting.

This Christmas was even more special because my whole family was at the dinner table Christmas Eve. My sister is getting married next August (she totally stole my wedding month...just kidding sis!) and so she and her fiancee were here. I wonder if they should have code names, too? They currently live outside of LA and I hate that I hardly ever see them. I am sure the wedding will be a hot blog topic in 2010...

Dr. Dad is back to work already, and the kids and I are going to be spending some more time with my sister before she and her fiancee go back to LA.

I will get pictures up soon...just wanted to say enjoy the week...I know I will.

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Shelly said...

Glad you had a nice week, and you're so brave for continuing the "all over the place" tradition! We stopped that immediately when we had kids, it was just too tiring and really not enjoyable!

Thinkin' about Lakeside yet? hee-hee! I always do after Christmas, it's weird! :-)