Monday, December 21, 2009

17 Months

You are changing so fast now that I am afraid to blink.

Like a little parrot, you love to repeat our words...'side (outside) 'ungry (hungry) choo choo (train) sisi (sister).

You know way too many cartoon characters. Dora, Elmo, Olivia (and when you sing the theme song to that show you are so cute I can't stand it).

You are still all boy...your love for cars and trucks and running and climbing and food never ceases to amaze us. If you think you could potentially drive something you will try...

Still, you are developing some habits that remind us of your sister...playing the piano, singing, looking at books.

When Santa came to visit you and your sister on his Firetruck this week, I was not sure how you would react. I don't think you knew what was more thrilling: Santa in your house, or a giant truck parked outside.

We are so excited for Christmas morning. Last year you were just 5 months old and slept through most of the excitement. This year you have embraced everything about this time of year with such an exuberance it has made us all a little more aware of how awesome Christmas is for a child.

Thank you for teaching us to look for the everything.

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