Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Greeting Cards Have Not Been Sent...

Every time I hear that Carpenters song I get a little more panicky. I am staring at my Christmas cards as I type this and I think they are multiplying while I sleep. Our tree is up, but not decorated. We have given up any hope of baking. I am not done shopping.

Each and every year, right around Thanksgiving, I think "this year it will be different! I will be done with everything by the end of the first week of December and then have the whole month to sit back and enjoy, stress free!"

It's the 15th. I am stressing.

Mission not accomplished.


However! Baby Boy can say Santa and HoHo and he is enjoying himself immensely. He got his first taste of Christmas cookies a few weeks ago and he has been on a mission to get more. Now that he can ask for them by name...there is no stopping him. Enjoy a video of Baby Boy and his new love...the Gookie. I'll just be over here, addressing envelopes.


Lauren said...

Awww, I need to see a video of Logan saying "Hohoho."

AJTMomTimesThree said...

How cute!