Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where You Been At? (Memorial Day Edition)

So. Looks like I took a few months off from blogging. I have no idea why. Things feel busy and not busy at the same time and annoying things like laundry and bathing the kids take up most of the free time I have.

I started blogging to keep track of how Baby Boy was doing and keeping friends and family in the loop. Things aren't nearly as exciting on the development scale for an almost 9 and almost 3 year old. But we're still wacky all the same.

Let's see. I missed blogging about our Spring Break trip to see my Aunt and Uncle in Pennsylvania (delightful)

Easter (cold)

Baby Girl's First Communion (which should be its own post but isn't)

and my birthday (old).

I figure I will jump right back in and talk about Memorial Day weekend. In typical Ohio weather we went from feeling like November to July in a week, and it was HOT. So we hit the local ice cream joint. I love this place because it is seriously old school and the best part is the fact that they are putting in their own mini-golf course. Because why not?

Then we set the kids loose with the new sprinkler. We joined a pool, but we are the weird people who do things like join a pool and then don't go because A. we're too busy and B. it's actually too hot to go.

Then Baby Boy got some sort of random fever and our annual parade extravaganza was looking like a no go but he rallied in the end and we made it after all.

I have never been to a parade that gives out this much loot. The kids love it. Plus, a free tip, if you see a truck full of little league kids and they are throwing candy, it helps to yell out "hey, let's see your pitching arm!" You will get hit with more candy than you will believe. They can't resist showing off their pitching arm.

We spent the rest of the day at the family picnic with a relatively mild water balloon toss...

...then tried some wild tongue tattoos.


I am hoping this marks a more regular update from us. Until then, enjoy this picture...Baby Boy has a need for speed...

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