Friday, May 21, 2010

22 Months

I took you for a much needed haircut this week. When I took this picture of you the next day, I was a little shocked at how BIG you looked. Like a kid. Not a baby.

Seeing you grow up sooooo fast is making me, to tell the truth, a little sad.

I don't remember it going by so fast with your sister. I would love to freeze this time, this age, right now.

You are a little charmer. A world class heartbreaker. I gotta say: when I hand you something and you say "Sank you Mommy" my heart does little flips and if you work it right, you could probably get anything you want. Especially when you point and say "Peeeeze" and bat those long eyelashes. *Side note. Why do boys get such long, beautiful eyelashes? Share the wealth, would ya?

You are getting way more verbal. You sing along to the all the kid CDs in the car. Your favorite things to point out to everyone are stars, hearts (which you still call "happies"), flags, cars, planes, traffic lights, and cats. You are still all about goldfish crackers, hot dogs, cheerios, pizza and, of course, "like its", although you now call them loyipops. You LOVE to be out of the house...forever asking to go "Owside" and play "Bassetcall" and go down the slide.

You are much stronger than we think you are...still doing things a little too quick and reckless for our liking. You can open doors and climb and run. When we call you "danger boy" we are not kidding.

Still. When you give your mother that grin...I can hardly tell you "no" with a straight face.

In two short months you will be two years old.

I promise to try and not think about that too much. I promise just to try and enjoy the now, and your awesome headstands.

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