Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It started out to be such a fun day...celebrating the 4th of July and the Birthday of our niece.

Then, adventure boy took a little tumble on a rope bridge and that was that.

We certainly are no strangers to broken bones (sadly). His sister was just slightly older than he is now when she broke her arm (coincidentally, her right arm as well). Of course she opted for pink.

Then we were only a week out from his birth when break number two happened. That one was a little worse, and involved pins. (This time, she chose purple.)

And can I just say here that whoever invented waterproof casts deserves a Nobel Peace Prize? Because we have had both types in this house and the waterproof is so awesome I still don't know how we all did it with the other kind.

At any rate, Baby Boy has been a real trouper, but I will be very happy when we (hopefully) get it off this Friday. Just a day after his Birthday. Happy Day for all!

And please, Lord, no more trips to the ER...if it weren't for hair coloring I would be totally grey by now.

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