Friday, November 11, 2011

The Cat is Now The Star of This Blog

There is someone in this house with more issues than even me.

May I present:

I am not amused

Grumpy Old Cat.

A while back the cat was diagnosed with high blood pressure, which I didn't even know they could check on a cat. I imagined a teeny tiny blood pressure cuff and a teeny tiny stethoscope. But actually it's a lot more complex (and of course, expensive) than that.

So we've been giving him BP pills. human BP pills, which I get at our local Walmart pharmacy and always come with the amusing warning sticker "use caution while driving." You know, in case he wants to hit the road.

He's also fat. Despite the diet cat food and lack of treats. The vet would like us to encourage him to be more active. But, look, he's pushing 16 which is like a million in cat years and who am I to criticize his lifestyle. Floor, food bowl, couch, litter box, chair. That's his little circuit and it makes him happy.

However. Last week he spent the night in the basement because he really couldn't make it up the stairs. So another trip to the vet revealed he was low on potassium. Which requires another medication.

He perked up right away, but at the follow up today his BP is still high, despite his pills and his continued lack of driving.

Now the vet thinks he might have a problematic thyroid (the cat, not the vet). Which would require special food to fix, but might also fix the BP and potassium issue. This is getting expensive. The cat needs to get a job.

But I will pay it. I need my Grumpy Old Cat around a little longer.

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