Sunday, October 26, 2008

3 Months

Baby Boy,

Even as I type this I am having a hard time believing 3 months have gone by since you came into this world. Even more surprising is how much you have changed in just that short of time! You smile so much now, holding your head up and looking around at your world. Even more exciting is the way you love to "talk" to us, especially when you are sitting in your bouncy seat and can see us eye to eye. You coo and squeal and sigh and we just love this new development!

We have been really busy in this last month. We had your Baptism at our church and invited all our family and friends to come to this special day. We took you to your first pumpkin farm and you had your first sleepover at your Nonna and Papa's house. You continue to be our easygoing little guy and you are even getting better at sleeping through the night (or at least sleeping more at night), so thank you for that. Just this past week you got your first cold, and it is breaking my heart to watch you sniff and snuffle. I just want to make you feel better.

I know we have technically done this all before with Baby Girl. But I think in so many ways this is just a whole new experience for us. Not just because you are your own little guy, and of course every baby is different. I was looking through Baby Girl's calendar of milestones and because she was so premature, we didn't get our first real smile from her until her 5th month. We didn't take her anywhere for 6 months and her actual Baptism was done in the NICU. I hold all of her babyhood in a special place in my heart. And while her developmental journey was full of worry, relief, patience and prayer, yours is more of an "aha! this is how it's supposed to be!" journey. Both of these experiences are more precious to me than either of you will ever know.

Plus, if you turn out even half as awesome as your sister...well...wouldn't we just be too lucky!


Shelly said...

Hi, Heather! Yay for you and your blog! Your new little guy looks so smiley!
Thanks for stopping by...

Lubushoes said...

Hi it's me.... Jilly Bean. I bought a fingernail polish called Lubushoes and thought it would be an appropriate 'code name'. LOVEEEE the BLOG!