Friday, October 3, 2008

6 Years

Dear Baby Girl,

Six years ago you decided to arrive in our world 12 weeks earlier than we expected you. From that first day I knew you would be something special. A miracle.

You are certainly all we could have ever hoped for when we decided it was time for us to start a family. You are funny, smart, charming, energetic, silly, a master negotiator and fashion icon. What surprises me the most is that I not only love you...but that I really like you.

You started Kindergarten this year. At first I wasn't too worried about the adjustment. After all, you've always been a "see ya later Mom and Dad" kind of kid, never displaying much seperation anxiety. And of course with the arrival of Baby Boy I knew we would be plenty busy at home. But what I didn't expect was how QUIET it was that first full week you were gone. You get on the bus around 8 am and don't get home until 4 pm and it's like you have a little job, and I am not sure I was ready for that after all! Just lately you have been spending your lunch time crying a little, and you confessed that you were missing me. It breaks my heart, and I have to play "bad cop" and tell you that while I do miss you, you just have to go to school and have fun and you aren't missing anything special by not being here. But it is a big change. I am sure we will all get better at this as we go. Maybe you are finally realizing that this school thing is EVERY DAY and EVERY YEAR for what must seem like eternity. Plus, I think you miss your sleeping in. Like you say about your brother waking at night "he is making me miss my beauty sleep."

And as for being a big sister, you have been so awesome. You have taken the whole thing in stride, you really seem to love your brother and are so patient in waiting for your time with us when we are busy with him. You love to show him off and I am really excited watching your relationship with him develop.

You got your six year check up and you weigh a whopping 35 pounds, putting you firmly in the 5th percentile in weight, but at 45 inches tall you are 50th percentile in height. You are all gloriously long legs and dainty hands and while you may be tiny, to think of where you started from (2 pounds!) you are looking amazingly more like a BIG girl.

But you will always be our baby.

Love you, love you, love you Baby Girl.

Happy Birthday

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