Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 Months

Happy 10 Month Birthday Busy Baby Boy!

May is a very busy time for us. March of Dimes Walk, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Weddings, School Functions.

It was a busy time for you as well!

Not only have you started crawling, you have become a crawling expert. You are quick and determined and nothing gets in your way. Even if you have to crawl over the cat to get to the dog. Which you have done. Much to the chagrin of both our pets.

You LOVE the dog. But, alas, it is an unrequited love. The dog isn't too sure about you. Unlike your sister, you are, well, pretty rough. You love to pull and hit and bite and are just all around busier than she ever was. The pets are on full alert when you hit the floor.

You are starting to pull yourself up to standing and we have had to lower your crib. Our storm door wasn't shut all the way and you banged so hard on it you popped it open just enough to get your arm out. You know where every dangerous item is in the house and have some sort of magic baby GPS to tell you how to get to it and try and get it in your mouth before we can stop you. You like to stick your arm through the cat door and pull the magnets off the fridge and get stuck behind the chair.

You have a nice little schedule these days: Up at 7 or 8, nap at 10 or 11, sometimes a catnap in the late afternoon, bed at 8 or 9. Usually you sleep through the night, but sometimes, like now, when you are cutting more teeth, you get a little cranky and want to be held. That's ok. You love to eat almost everything and are starting on some of our food as well. You eat A LOT. More than your sister ever did, and I am wondering how soon it will be before you actually eat more than she does!

I am a little surprised to hear myself say that you are "all boy" when I always thought the differences between Baby Boys and Girls wasn't such a big deal. You are just so much more physical and exuberant and determined and rough than I ever thought you would be. It's keeping us on our toes.

I am sure it will only get more exciting in the months to come.

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