Monday, May 18, 2009


Just before Baby Boy turned 9 months old, Dr. Dad sent me an email asking me to do a post on how much Baby Boy looks like his sister.

So, I went to my photo box and looked up pictures of Baby Girl at 9 months old. This took awhile because our pictures of her are from the PD era (Pre-Digital). Even though they are filed away pretty well, getting any of these pictures on the computer requires a complex dance with our scanner, our old PC that only works when it wants to, and then getting them onto the Laptop upstairs.


I looked at the pictures of Baby Girl at 9 months and thought, well, I can see the resemblance, but I wouldn't say it is obvious.

When I pointed this out to Dr. Dad, he reminded me of something. I really needed to get out a picture of Baby Girl at one year old. Of course! She was born almost 3 months early, and in the picture above, she is really looking more like a 6 month old.


So, I went back to my box of pictures and found one of Baby Girl, taken the day after she turned one.

And there it was. Proof that, when it comes to babies, Dr. Dad and I apparently only produce one model:

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