Monday, September 21, 2009

14 Months

Changes these days don't come as dramatically as your first few months. More like small steps than big leaps.

You are still perfecting your walking. Working up to a good speed on some occasions. I am not looking forward to when you learn to run. You already enjoy being "chased" even when we don't know that is the game we are playing. Like when you got away from me in the library and worked your way up and down 3 rows of books, laughing maniacally, before I caught you. Like I said, you can work up a pretty good speed.

You love to open and shut doors, point, dance, take baths, climb, throw and be outside.

You have learned how to turn the cable box off. And on. And off. And on. And...well, this really, really annoys your sister, because you especially like to do this when she is watching one of her shows. Let the sibling fun begin!

You also love the cat door. It is your very own secret passage to a world unknown (well, in this case, the basement). Everything goes down the cat door. The new rule before going down to the basement is to look for objects that will cause you to plummet down the stairs. So far we have found: shoes, magnets, small cars, dog toys, my calculator, and a nice assortment of Little People animals from your Noah's Ark set. If we are missing anything, we look there first. If it's not through the cat door, it may also be in one of the following locations: the basket of dog toys, your toy box, one of the two kitchen cabinets we have not baby proofed yet, or in the bathroom.

You like to hide things.

We are still waiting for some more words. You can say dada. Sometimes even mama. Cars go 'beep' and you can say 'hey!' You really, really like to say 'no.' Even when you mean yes. It's your standard answer to everything.

I guess the only dramatic change from month to month is how much more we love you. It grows and grows, Baby Boy. Just like you.

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