Sunday, March 21, 2010

20 Months

Baby Boy.

As I type this, you are standing on our kitchen chair. You have managed to get on the chair, even though I have carefully pushed all the chairs in toward the table to prevent you from doing this.

Your new nickname has become Danger Boy.

The lovely weather we have been having gets us outside more and more these days, and you are showing us your amazing Danger abilities all the time.

There is not a piece of playground equipment anywhere that is immune to your powers.

Six foot drop offs?

Big slides?

Open rung ladders?

No problem.

You climb all over the furniture, you climb up and down stairs, you throw and kick and launch yourself with wild abandon.

Of course, you are still retaining the powers of your alter ego: Captain Cutie. It is very hard to yell at you and tell you no when you flash your powerful Cutie Grin.

Your vocabulary is growing by the day. You are still singing and counting. You are almost always a happy little guy.

Except when we are stopping you from being Danger Boy. But it's only because we love you.

1 comment:

Lauren Ashley said...

That castle is going to be my future house! Danger Boy better not be destroying it or I am going to be homeless!