Monday, June 21, 2010

23 Months

Well, here we are, on the verge of two.

I am hopeful, so hopeful, that we can enjoy your twos much like we did with your sister. They were not at all terrible. I think they are really the Terrible Sevens. I think this because I just got served a whole lot of attitude from one Seven Year Old who is now in bed early.

But I digress.

Summer is upon us, which means a lot of time outside. You are so amazingly active and fearless that I am not sure I will survive the summer in one piece.

We went to the pool again yesterday, and while there was no way I could get your sister to go down the baby slide, you were all too willing to take it on. Trying to explain to you that there is a little thing called "knowing how to swim" standing in your way did not go over well. Each time we took you over to the big pool and went in, you would plaintively whine "sliiiiddddeeee pleeeeeese" so we had to distract you and swim away.

In most ways you are becoming more and more of a joy. You are starting to use small sentences and sing more. You have learned how to jump and when you run really fast you wiggle your whole body.

You have lately been laughing to hear yourself laugh and then you actually crack yourself up. It's infectious. If someone does something you like, you laugh and laugh and then say "Do again, please" over and over. We usually do.

Your favorite thing when I drive past any fast food establishment is to yell "CHICKEL FRIZES" and while we think this is funny, it makes me worry that you know what Wendy's is before the age of two.

You are endlessly polite. You say "Please" and "Sank You" and "Scuse Me" and "Welcome" and you love to hand us things when we ask for them and say "Here you go." You even know how to turn off the TV when we ask. Of course, that also means you know how to turn the TV on.

I am leaving this week to visit your Aunt in California. I haven't been away from you for this long and I will miss you and your sister.

I'm sure everything will be fine. Just don't learn anything new while I'm gone. Sank you.

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