Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Snow Belt


I know when we moved back to Northeast Ohio (as opposed to the middle of Ohio, where we lived for 7 years, or Northwest Ohio, where we both went to college, or plain ol' Ohio, where we both grew up...geesh) we would be getting back into the Snow Belt.

I never really understood what people complained about when I was a kid living in the Snow Belt, because we got our fair share of Snow Days, and that was good for me.

But now, as an adult, with kids and a house and pets and places I would love to go, I understand the special torture that is living in the Snow Belt.

Really. It's not even Winter yet people.

And yesterday I woke up to this:

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Shelly said...

Ooooh, too bad! We've had some flurries, but nothing close to that yet...maybe you'll at least have a pretty, white Christmas!