Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Bunny to Love

It all started when Baby Girl was born. We were living in Big City then...and it was few days after her birth, when she was still in the NICU and we were still so confused and stressed and hopeful. Our backyard neighbors came over, and they brought us a stuffed bunny as a gift. It was October, but this little bunny was decked out in a very spring-like pink hat with flowers and a pretty bow around her neck. I had noticed that some of the other NICU parents had brought some things in to "decorate" the stations of their baby. Anything to soften the hardness of all those machines. So the next day, I brought the bunny in and propped her up on top of Baby Girl's monitor. A few days later, we came in and saw this polaroid taped to her isolette.

She was 10 days old. And the nurses couldn't help but notice she was just about the same size as her bunny.

So we started taking a picture of her with the bunny every week until she came home. Then it was every month until her first birthday. Then every year on her birthday.

Now that Baby Boy is here, we are trying to do the same thing with him.
In some ways it is a different experience. With Baby Girl, it was just so amazing to see how far she had come. To have something physical that we could bring out and say "she used to be this small." With Baby Boy it's something I'm doing because I can't believe how fast he is growing. I couldn't wait to for her to get bigger than the bunny, but I don't want him get bigger than the bunny!
So that is the bunny story. It's why in just a few days I will post yet another picture of Baby Boy with his bunny. I will marvel at how big he is getting and how fast time is going by. And it's why I will take a picture of my Baby Girl every year on her birthday with her bunny. To see how far she's come.

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