Saturday, February 21, 2009

7 Months

Another month goes by and here we are at your 7 month birthday. This has been a learning month for both of us, Baby Boy. I think I got it in my head that several things would be happening after you turned 6 months old. I thought you would be rolling over. I thought I might see some teeth break through. I thought I would see an end (or a big decrease) in your spitting up. None of those things happened. You are learning at your own pace, and in your now famous laid back style. I am learning that just because you have already had a child, you can not expect things to go the same way twice.

You are doing many things better this month. You are sitting up on your own very well, and as long as I have the crash zone well padded, you don't seem to mind when you topple over. You have tried all your vegetables and are moving into fruits now, and even though I am not sure you liked the carrots, you ate them up anyway. You sit in your high chair and throw your arms out to the sides and clench you hands open and shut very excitedly when we feed you. I have learned not to put the bowl down on your high chair or it is fair game for grabbing. You will drink happily from a sippy cup and are learning how to hold it by the handles and give yourself a drink.

The most exciting development this month is that you have really recognized your sister. It makes my heart so happy to watch the two of you together. She is finally getting more interested in playing with you. Sometimes I think she likes to play with you because I have brought out a toy from the bins in the basement that hold all her old baby toys. Sometimes I think she is just so happy that she can make you laugh.

This past month you watched your first Superbowl, and I am happy that both my children have now witnessed a Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl victory. You had your first Valentines Day. I would like to say we've gone out and done some other firsts, but we've been stuck inside because of the weather. Even today it is snowing again. You are sleeping better at night and beginning to get a real schedule going and just being your usual mellow, happy self.

Hopefully your Mom has learned this month to just let it all happen when it happens. One thing I do know for sure is that I love you.

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Shelly said...

I'm right there with you on the decrease in the spitting up! I hoped and hoped with my boys each month...but I sure got really good at getting protein stains out of the front of their shirts!!

Hey- we're going to be at Lakeside the week of the 8th of August; you all going this year?