Thursday, October 15, 2009

Long Weekends, Bad Weather, Broken Cars and Adenoids

This is one of those entries where I ramble on about nothing and everything. Nothing monumental happening, which is good, I guess. But there is a lot of little stuff I might as well document. Birthdays are over, we are firmly in the school groove, it's not quite Halloween and it's still too early to think about Christmas (you hear that, Target? It's TOO EARLY! There should be a rule that all the Halloween stuff has to be gone before you can start putting up the Christmas stuff. It stresses me out).

We have a long weekend and Baby Girl is THRILLED. I think she really likes school, but she really, really likes being at home. We have a few fun things planned, but the weather here has been awful. No, it hasn't snowed, but this has to be one of the gloomiest Fall seasons I can remember. I feel like we went directly from flip flops to parkas. I am hoping we will get the kids to a pumpkin farm but it's not looking good. We may get snow on Saturday and I am not a fan of picking pumpkins in the snow.

Baby Boy is still being his adorable self. Except for the giant molar. It shouldn't be possible for a tooth that big to show up in the mouth of an almost 15 month old. He is still eating like a crazy man. We went to a bonfire last weekend and he ate 3 hot dogs. It is a mystery as to where this food is going. I suspect it is what is growing the giant molar.

A few weeks ago we had to say goodbye to our fabulous 1991 Ford Taurus. We had high hopes that the car would last us until we paid off our other car (an equally fabulous station wagon) but I knew we cursed it when Dr. Dad mentioned that in 6 short years we could apply for Historical Car status. I don't think the Ford liked hearing that. So the transmission went to the big Car Dealer in the Sky and we started looking for a slightly better fabulous car for Dr. Dad. We are closing in on a Toyota Camry that should work just fine.

So. About that adenoid thing. We took Baby Girl in for her 7 year check up. She is now 3 feet 11 inches...and not yet 40 pounds. Still long and lean, and for the most part, healthy. She had her yearly fall ear infection a few weeks ago, and the doctor that saw her at that appointment mentioned we might want to have her adenoids looked at. Dr. Dad had his removed as a child, and Baby Girl is a champion snorer. But I was genuinely surprised when her doctor took one look at her xray and declared we will be making a trip to an ENT. They are pretty large. Well, at least that is what the doctor said. I looked at the xray and just saw a bunch of white stuff. Apparently they sit on the roof of the mouth (toward the back) and you can only see them by xray. I had no idea. We aren't sure what we are going to do...we will talk to the ENT and see if removal is something that is necessary.

So that is what is going on. I think I covered all the topics and so will leave you with a picture. A rare moment of quiet, brought to you by a can of Pringles and Dinosaur Train.


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