Saturday, October 3, 2009

7 Years

There is something harder about this year than your previous birthdays. You are very much not a baby and not even a little girl. You are a big girl now, practicing your attitude and letting us know (just the other night at dinner) that we treat you like a baby and you are ready to be grown up.

Of course, we told you that was fine...and that you can start with a good list of responsibilities like making your bed, feeding the pets, setting the table, etc. You thought maybe being treated like a baby was just fine.

There are more times, still, that you want to cuddle with us and be silly and hold hands. But there are other times when you roll your eyes and stomp your feet and inform your Mom that "maybe you shouldn't sing out loud anymore."

Still. You are an amazing girl. Smart and funny, kind and thoughtful. You love to read and draw and play on the computer. You love to dance and sing and tell jokes.

Seven years ago we could never have imagined this day. Every year we are thankful that God allowed us to be the parents to a miracle. To celebrate your birthday is a special joy, a reminder of the blessings in our life.

Although it makes us a little sad to see the time flying by, just knowing how far you've come, and how far you will go, makes us so proud to be your parents.

Happy Birthday.

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