Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fish, Fashionista, Fall Fun

Another mish-mash post. There is so much going on lately and, let's face it, I am too lazy busy to post every single day. So let's get caught up, shall we?

First, and most importantly, I have promised Baby Girl I would mention here that her fish are now celebrating their second anniversary with us. We bought them for her 5th birthday and they have been going strong ever since. We are not sure if it is because they are GloFish (learn all about them at this website) or if it is because of the excellent care they receive from Dr. Dad. I am betting it's because of Dr. Dad. There are 3 GloFish and some sort of algae eater in there (it hides in the filter so we never see it). Their names change depending on Baby Girl's mood...but I like to think of them as Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Sue.

Second, Baby Girl has new glasses! Her prescription hasn't changed, but after 2 years we felt she needed some new frames. She originally picked out a pair that were very similar to her old pair, but with some rhinestones on them. Then she went for a pair that were tortoiseshell. Then she found these beauties. They are, of course, from the Hannah Montana line. They are not at all what I would have chosen but this girl knows what she likes. She is very happy with her selection and has declared herself very stylish. We agree!

Third, we have been trying to get in as many fall festivities as we can, despite it being rather gloomy in the weather department. We made a mad dash to pick a pumpkin on Saturday.

It was the fastest pumpkin picking trip we have ever made. We usually like to do the whole ride out to the pumpkin patch and pick one from the field, but we couldn't seem to make it work this year. They each chose a pumpkin from the "pre-picked" section and we had just enough time to get a fun picture before the rain came (again).

I was hoping for a picture outside, but since the weather would not cooperate we did a little picture at home in their holiday finest. Hopefully I will get one outside during Trick or Treat.

Sunday proved to be a better day, weather wise, so Dr. Dad took the kiddos on a fall hike while I attended a baby shower.

Here they are on the trail.

Here is Baby Boy, practicing for his Senior Pictures.

Next up, Baby Girl's school party and Trick or Treat! Until then, Happy Halloween!

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