Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dance, Ballerina, Dance

For whatever reason, I have not been very motivated to blog lately.

I promised to do a post just about Baby Girl, but I really couldn't come up with one that wasn't a whole lot of "wow my kid is so awesome, here is a list of why I think that way."

Part of me wants to capture what life is like for this 7 and a half year old girl. The drama, the attitude, the little girl antics still evident, but becoming less so.

So I am going to try and do some little "snapshots" of her life.

Starting with dance.

She is a dancing queen. Always she is dancing and singing and prancing around. We started her in dance class when she was 3 years old. She will be in her 4th recital this summer and she is still really focused on ballet.

I played "professional photographer" at her dance class a few weeks ago.

It took a lot to get pictures of her in action, because every time she would see the camera, she would stop and do a crazy glam pose and totally disrupt the class. So I lurked in the doorway and held the camera down and snuck a few shots.

Of course I love it that she loves to dance. I did tap for years and always secretly wished I could do ballet. Let's just say I wasn't exactly ballerina material.

I hope she continues to enjoy this for years to come. Mostly I hope she has this kind of joy and love for everything she decides to do in her life.

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Shelly said...

How sweet! We're starting Ava in dance class right now (she's newly three) and I'm hoping she takes to it like I think she will...I did ballet, jazz, modern, and hip-hop (LOL!) growing up, but never tap! Ava's taking tap this month at our rec center and if she handles a class situation well, then I'll sign her up at our local dance studio...