Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Crud...Now with Milestones!

We have been infiltrated by the crud. I am probably to blame. I have been nursing a rattly cough for awhile now and being 1. Cheap and 2. Lazy I never got it checked out.

Baby Girl started with her coughing on Saturday and when I took her in yesterday (after a fever that just wouldn't go away) we found she has the same type of pneumonia she had last year. Thankfully, antibiotics should take care of it, and I have a prescription waiting for me to take as well. Dr. Dad just let me know he is feeling "off" and I just pray and pray it doesn't get to Baby Boy. Baby Girl has been out of school the whole week and I am getting a taste of taking care of two helpless creatures at once! She is striking a pathetic pose on the couch right now with frequent dramatic requests for this or that.

Thankfully, Baby Girl was in much better spirits when she woke us up Sunday morning after losing her first tooth. The Tooth Fairy brought some sugarless gum and a dollar. Happiness all around.

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