Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

First off...greetings if you are here from Facebook! Who knew so many people I knew would be on there and willing to still be my friend after (for some of you) many years!

As I watch the snow falling AGAIN I have nothing fun to say. Even my husband is trapped at home today, a result of living in The Middle of Nowhere™ where they never plow the roads.

So, enjoy a video. This is what happens when Baby Boy gets a glimpse of The Dog. Hilarity ensues (ignore the first few seconds of video...where I try and get The Dog to do what I want).


Shelly said...

That's super cute! What in the world were you having that dog do that was so funny?

Lucky said...

Seriously, the dog just lays on the couch. That's it. We have no idea why that is so funny!