Thursday, March 5, 2009

All About Costumes

I complain so endlessly about the dance studio that Baby Girl attends you would think that

A. I would no longer be sending her there
B. I would just shut up about it and find a new place that is cheaper/closer/not so all about themselves.

You would be wrong.


A. I am too lazy to research another place
B. Baby Girl has declared that she would like to be a Toe Dancer and I know this is one of the few studios that will train her how to do that the proper way.

So I suck it up (for the most part) pay my money, drive her to the class every Monday night September through June and go through a never ending rehearsal schedule for their Recital/Showcase (oh, don't even get me started on why they are called two different things).

This is our third year with Baby Girl at this studio and the first two years just about broke me. It wasn't the schedule, or even the money. It was the costume. Parents do not get any input in what the kids wear, so it is always a "surprise" that shows up as a picture on a bulletin board a few months before the show.

For our first show I must have had a very naive idea of what a 4-year-old should be wearing for a performance because I certainly wasn't expecting this:

I was expecting pink frilly tutu and got Go Go Dancer.

I had high hopes for our second show. Baby Girl was 5 and the costume was a lot more expensive. Again, expecting miles of tulle and pastel leotards. Wrong again:

I couldn't stop thinking "Madonna, circa 1985."

I was really thinking that if we can't get a cute costume going for a group of ballet loving 6-year-olds I might have to bite the bullet and find a new studio.

Last week I saw the other Moms hovering around the boards and got that sinking feeling. I approached slowly...and then I saw it:

(sorry for the poor quality, camera phone picture)

I think I scared the woman next to me when I started jumping up and down and clapping my hands and squealing with glee. It was CUTE! It was AGE APPROPRIATE! It didn't involve animal print or studded chokers!

Ok Dance win. We'll be back.


Lyndsay said...

BG looks like she is about 12 in these pics! This year's costume looks cute... but there is clearly not enough skin showing! They must have something up their sleeve!!!

Angie said...

Nothing like inviting your whole family to watch a group of 3-5 year old go go dancers. The dance studios do not realize most of these girls are dancing to be like a princess in pricess dresses.

Shelly said...

those costumes are cracking me up! YOu're right, that last one is WAAAAAY more age-appropriat! Golly, I hope I don't have all that to look forward to when Ava wants to dance! :-)