Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day!

I have a special fondness for this day. I am, I think, a quarter Irish. My Dad's Dad was Irish. Or Scottish. No one knows for sure. So while I am very much a third generation Italian-American (by way of both parents on my Mom's side and my Dad's Mom) I have a very Irish sounding maiden name and the super fantastic ability to blind you with the pasty whiteness of my skin. Throw in some blue eyes and reddish hair and you can bet I wear my "Kiss me, I'm Irish" pin without batting an eye.
Dr. Dad is a half and half: Italian and Slovak.
What does this make our kids? Italian-Slovak with a pinch of Irish? Pasta and Pierogies and Potatoes?
And I wonder why I have a fondness for the carbs.
Baby Girl informed me the other day that we are also English. Because that is the language we speak.
Happily, we are American...free to wear green, drink beer and be Irish. If only for a day.

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